Transport Permit Glossary Photos

The following photo gallery contains examples of typical truck components. This is not meant to be comprehensive list.

L= Length for entering dimensions in MiTRIP

  Auxiliary Dolly (Converter Dolly)     Axle
 Converter Dolly Picture    Axle Picture
  Axle Load     Axle Spacing
 Axle Load Picture    Axle Spacing Picture
  Batch Plant     Bobtail/ Truck Tractor
 Batch Plant Picture    Bobtail/ Truck Tractor Picture
  B-Train Van Semitrailer      Bulkhead
 Axle Spacing Picture    Bulkhead Picture
  Bullnose Van Semitrailer     Container Chassis Semitrailer
 Axle Spacing Picture    Axle Spacing Picture
  Converter Dolly (Auxiliary Dolly)     Conveyor
 Converter Dolly Picture    Conveyor Picture
  Double Bottom     Double Semitrailers (Double Bottom, Train, Ottawa B Train, Twin Doubles)
 Double Bottom Picture    Axle Spacing Picture
  Farm Implement     Farm Tractor
 Farm Implement Picture    Farm Tractor Picture
   Fifth Wheel      Gooseneck
  Fifth Wheel Picture     Gooseneck Picture
  Hopper Towbar Trailer     Implement of Husbandry
  Hopper Trowbar Trailer picture    Implement of Husbandry Picture
  JoDog      Lowbed Semitrailer
 JoDog Picture    Lowbed Semitrailer picture
   Lowboy     Platform Semitrailer
 Lowboy Picture    Platform Semitrailer picture
  Pup     Refrigerated Semitrailer
 Pup Picture    Refrigerated Semitrailer trailer
  Semi Trailer     Short Double
 Semi Trailer Picture    Short Double picture
  Spacing Between Axles   Tandem Axle Assembly
 Spacing Between Axles Picture     Tandom Axle Assembly Picture
  Tank Semitrailer     Tow Dolly
  Tank Semitrailer picture     Tow Dolly Picture
  Towbar Trailer     Truck and Pole Trailer
  Towbar Trailer picture     Truck and Pole Trailer picture
  Truck and Semitrailer      Truck Tractor and Lowboy
  Truck and Semitrailer picture     Truck Tractor and Lowboy picture
  Truck Tractor, Semitrailer and Trailer     Van Full Trailer
  Truck Tractor Semitrailer picture     Van Full Trailer picture