Work Zone Mobility

  • The Work Zone Safety and Mobility (WZSM) Final Rule was published on September 9, 2004, in the Federal Register. All state and local government agencies that receive federal-aid funding are required to be complaint with the provisions of the final rule.

    The Work Zone Final Rule updates and broadens the former regulation at 23 CFR 630 Subpart J to address and emphasize current issues affecting work zone safety and mobility. The changes to the CFR will encourage broader consideration of the safety and mobility impacts of work zones across project planning, development, and the implementation of strategies that help manage these impacts during project delivery.

    MDOT created a WZSM Policy effective September 1, 2007. Subsequently, a WZSM Manual was created and published in May 2008.

    The WZSM policy for local agencies and utilities/permitted activities became effective on January 1, 2009. The local agency policy applies to projects administered by MDOT's Local Agency Program Unit.

  • Work Zone Safety and Mobility Contacts
    Lindsey Renner, Work Zone Management Unit Manager, 517-202-5356
    Chris Brookes, Work Zone Delivery Engineer, 517-242-6486

    Local Agency Programs 
    Bruce Kadzban, Engineer Manager, 517-335-2229

    Utility and Construction Permits 
    Joe Rios, Statewide Construction Permit Coordinator, 517-241-2103

    Railroad Infrastructure
    Nisia Tebbe, TL Grade Crossing Engineer, 517-599-4014
    Paul Koppana, TL Railroad Grade Separation Engineer, 517-282-5540

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