Flint MTA and Consumers Energy Build Fueling Station that Dispenses Compressed Natural Gas

Public/private Fueling Station in Flint, MichiganThe Flint Mass Transportation Authority (MTA) and Consumers Energy have built a public/private fueling station that will dispense compressed natural gas (CNG). Two of the station’s three fuel dispensers will be used for MTA vehicles; the third is available for public use, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The station, owned by Consumers Energy, is located at Dort and Maple Roads in Grand Blanc Township.

“This is a significant project and one of only two of its kind in the state of Michigan,” said Ed Benning, MTA general manager/CEO. “This is a major upgrade to our fuel facility and provides a major boost to our natural gas fueling capacity.”

In addition, plans call for the installation of four electric vehicle charging stations available for use by the public at the new station.    

Within the next 18 months, the MTA will have 48 compressed natural gas vehicles that will fuel at the new station. By 2020, the MTA anticipates that all diesel fueled vehicles will be replaced with alternative fuels.