Office of Passenger Transportation Contacts

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. -  4:30 p.m.

Organization Chart

Jean Ruestman, Administrator 517-335-1706
Michelle Wieferich, Executive Administrative Assistant 517-335-2560
Janet Geissler, Mobility Innovation Specialist 517-335-1698
Andy Brush, Transportation Services Section Manager 517-335-2534
Kevin Hohf, Program Administration Section Manager 517-290-8433 (cell)
Betsy Simon, Secretary 517-335-4971

Transportation Services Section


South Unit
Ellen Kent, South Unit Supervisor 517-335-1382
Michelle Weber-Currie, Program Manager 517-241-0680
Marcele Edington, Program Manager 517-335-1694
Elaine Luo, Program Specialist 517-335-2552
Amy Nobach, Program Manager 517-335-2555
Dean Peterson, Compliance Analyst 517-335-2544
Kevin Wassom, Compliance Analyst 517-230-5949 (cell)

North Unit
Valerie Shultz, North Unit Supervisor (see map) 517-335-1707
Janet Arcuicci, Project Manager 517-335-2594
Heather Bowden, Project Manager 231-775-2733 (ext. 309)
Fred Featherly, Project Manager 517-335-1695
Maria Habba, Project Manager 517-335-1699
Chuck Lindstrom, Project Manager 906-524-6124 (ext. 31)
Tina Makarewicz,  Project Manager (989) 731-5090 (ext.325)
Lane Masoud, Project Manager 517-335-1705
Roy Taylor, Project Manager 313-967-5221

Program Administration Section


Regulatory & Intercity Unit
Rob Pearson, Unit Supervisor 517-335-0904
Brian Barnum, Vehicle Services Coordinator (commercial bus inspector) 517-331-6774 (cell)
Rob Latimer, Vehicle Services Coordinator (commercial bus inspector) 517-243-6971 (cell)
Andy Powers, Project Manager, Intercity Bus Service
517-242-9956 (cell)
Ken Himebaugh, Vehicle Services Coordinator (commercial bus inspector) 517-230-2918 (cell)
Jeff Turner, Vehicle Procurement Analyst

Financial Management Unit
Lisa Lubahn, Unit Supervisor 517-241-1893
Trish D'Itri, Auditor 517-335-2535
Amy Hicks, Payment Coordinator  517-335-2577
Sandy Lovell, Accountant 517-335-2525
Robbie Smith, Regulatory Affairs and Payment Analyst
Rebecca Titus, Checklist/Contract Manager 517-241-3221