Bureau of Development

  • Mission Statement: We will be a knowledge-based, service-oriented organization providing high quality transportation project development services in support of the department's strategic goals.

    Brad Wieferich, Engineer of Development
    Cindy Robinson, Management Assistant, 517-241-3271

Development Divisions

  • Design Division

    The Design Division provides and supports the development of quality transportation project documents and services in support of the Department's strategic goals and to exceed customer expectations for delivery of contracts on time and within budget. Its primary function is to provide leadership to the department on quality assurance, technology, specifications, standards, and policy affecting design.

    Kristin Schuster, Engineer of Design, 517-335-4421

  • Development Services Division

    Development Services provides real estate services, right-of-way management, utility coordination, and permit services.

    Larry Doyle, Administrator, 517-335-4375

  • Environmental Services Division

    Environmental Services provides services related to environmental compliance, mitigation, documentation for federal and state environmental statutes, as well as county drain coordination. 

    Hal Zweng, P.E., Manager, 517-335-4399