Michigan's Transportation History

  • John F. Kennedy and GM Williams on Mackinac BridgeThe Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has a long, rich history filled with many transportation firsts, achievements, and innovations. In the early 1900's, leaders including Horatio S. "Good Roads" Earle and Frank F. Rogers, saw a pressing need to get Michigan out of the mud. As proponents of the good-roads movement, these two pioneers focused on making Michigan mobile, and building the foundation for a sustainable transportation system in Michigan. Today, MDOT continues to be an innovative department, providing the highest quality integrated transportation service for economic benefit and improved quality of life.
  • Transportation Timeline
  • Car stuck in the mudCar stuck in the mud
  • Woodward Avenue 1935-1941Woodward Avenue 1935-1941
  • Michigan's first four-lane divided freewayMichigan's first four-lane divided freeway
  • First CenterlineFirst Centerline
  • Woodward Avenue workers 1935-1941Woodward Avenue workers 1935-1941
  • MDOT Wall of Honor