Preferred vision for an integrated transportation system

In the course of creating its new long range plan, MDOT consulted with the members of the public to develop a Preferred Vision for an Integrated Transportation System. You can download this document in PDF form. A summary of the vision document follows.

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The vision:

Michigan's 2030 transportation system will be the foundation of the state's economic vitality and will sustain quality of life for its residents. Transportation providers throughout the state will work together to address the system's needs. The entire system will be maintained, preserved and protected as one of the state's most important physical assets.

Choice: The transportation system in 2030 will respond to the public's demand for more transit and non-motorized choices.

Efficiency: A more efficient system will provide better public access and mobility. This will be a higher priority than building a larger system.

Safety: Security, including border security, will be enhanced system-wide.

Integration: Different modes of transportation (road, rail, air and marine) will be better connected and will work more effectively together.

Innovation: MDOT will embrace technology. We will pursue innovation in every aspect of "what we build and how we build it" and every service that we provide.

Funding: Transportation financing will become more diversified, but still rely on public funds. Flexible funding will allow money to be allocated to the highest priority user needs.

Balance: The need for freight and passenger movement will be balanced. The system will accommodate both without compromising safety or economic competitiveness.

The transportation system of 2030 will work with surrounding land use, economic, and environmental systems. Transportation solutions will be sustainable and energy efficient. They will be tailored to their communities and natural settings. MDOT, its partners, and communities will plan together, so that all are satisfied with the final outcomes. MDOT will be an open and flexible organization. It will respond to customer needs and have an open, accountable decision-making process. MDOT will be a proactive and adaptable organization that can respond to change as needed.