Pilot Planting

What we are doing:    In the Metro Detroit Region, erosion on steep slopes adjacent to the interstate is a serious maintenance, safety and aesthetic issue. Currently, the standard treatment for covering slopes is seeding. While, seeding can be a solution to some erosion problems, it is presenting many challenges as well. The goal of this project is to demonstrate an alternative to turf as a solution for slope stabilization.
The $122 million reconstruction of M-10 gives us the opportunity to demonstrate and introduce these alternatives.
M-10 before Planting Project 1
M-10 after Planting Project 1
M-10 before Planting Project 2
M-10 after Planting Project 2

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On M-10 between the Evergreen Road and Ten Mile Road bridge span, the Michigan Department of Transportation is investing $200,000 in this pilot planting project in an effort to fulfill these main objectives:

  • Find attractive alternative plants that will flourish in harsh urban conditions and will create interest and beauty for the traveler as well as the adjacent residents and businesses.
  • Alleviate and reduce the safety and financial concerns associated with mowing steep slopes as well as the environmental damage and increased soil sedimentation and runoff due to bare soils.
  • Provide alternative treatments to existing slopes that can be used in other situations around the metro area.
  • Reduce maintenance costs associated with mowing, and redirect costs to address other maintenance requirements.
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