Southeast Michigan Transportation Operations Center (SEMTOC)

  • SEMTOC Control RoomThe Southeast Michigan Transportation Operations Center (SEMTOC) is the hub of ITS technology applications at the Michigan Department of Transportation. It is a world-class traffic management center where staff oversees a traffic monitoring system composed of 400 freeway miles instrumented with:

    • Over 241 Closed Circuit TV Cameras
    • Over 94 Dynamic Message Signs
    • Over 144 Microwave Vehicle Detection Sensors in conjunction with Probe Traffic Detectors

    SEMTOC uses an integrated software system that includes device control, incident management functions, ATIS capabilities, and a complex hybrid communications system comprised of:

    • OC-48 SONET fiber optic ring backbone
    • 9 microwave communication hubs/node towers
    • More than 150 spread spectrum radio links, and coaxial cable

    SEMTOC facilitates area-wide management of traffic through shared connections with:

    • The Road Commission for Oakland County Traffic Operations Center
    • Local media partners

    The MI Drive website is the direct link between SEMTOC and the public. The site is updated in real time with:

    • Freeway Incidents
    • Construction
    • Camera Feeds
    • Speed Data

    The system is being continually expanded to include coverage along all Metro Detroit area freeways. ITS devices have expanded on I-94 and I-69 in St. Clair County, providing motorists with real-time information regarding conditions at the Blue Water Bridge and surrounding freeways. MITS will continue to close the gaps of the coverage area in the upcoming years.