West Michigan Transportation Operations Center (WMTOC)

  • Image depicting a dynamic message sign or DMS

    The West Michigan Transportation Operations Center (WMTOC) focuses on MDOT’s goals of improving safety, mobility, and economics through incident management, crash reduction, and traveler information activities. To help meet these goals, WMTOC operators monitor more than 1,800 miles of freeways and arterial roadways in the 13 counties of MDOT’s Grand Region.

    WMTOC operators assist the public and local agencies with incident management support, traffic monitoring, and dynamic message sign (DMS) activation. The operations team actively coordinates with first responders to provide motorists with up-to-date traveler information.

    Additionally, WMTOC provides critical notifications to stakeholders of high-impact incidents on the roadways in real-time. WMTOC operators place calls to local agencies, communicate with first responders through phone and 800 MHz radios, and send high-impact e-mails to stakeholders.

    MDOT GovDelivery Receive Grand Region traffic notifications regarding up-to-date information on incidents and construction activities by county. 

    Suzette Peplinski