Advertising with a Sign along a State Trunkline

Program contact: Mike Kovalchick, General Manager Michigan Logos, Inc., 517-337-2267 or 1-888-645-6467


Businesses serving travelers and tourists can have signs erected along Michigan highways and state roads under two programs offered by the Michigan Department of Transportation. 

  • The Tourist Oriented Directional Signs (TODS) program provides directional signs for eligible tourist attractions located off the state rural roadway system.
  • The Specific Services Signing program (also known as Logo Signing) permits eligible businesses to place their logos on Specific Service Sign panels that identify key services along designated freeways.

The programs differ in the businesses they serve and the roads they apply to. Both programs are administered for MDOT by a private firm, Michigan Logos, Inc.

 Tourist Oriented Directional Sign

Tourist Oriented Directional Sign

(TODS) Program


Types of Roads: State trunklines, state roads other than limited access highways.
Types of Businesses: Cultural, historical, recreational, educational, or commercial activities are eligible. Restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, art galleries, amusement parks, golf courses, wineries, and farm markets have all participated in the program.
Sign Size / Placement: Six-foot-wide, two-foot-high individual sign, placed within 10 miles of your business (15 miles in the Upper Peninsula). There is a maximum of 4 signs per assembly with a 6 foot by 1 foot header plaque.
 Cost: The cost is currently $360 per sign per year, plus the manufacturing cost of the sign. You can add additional "trailblazer" signs along the route from the trunkline to your door for $120 each.




Sign with Logos

Specific Services Signing program

(also known as

Logo Signing)  


Types of Roads: Along freeways only
Types of Businesses: Restricted to gas stations, restaurants, lodgings, campgrounds, pharmacies and attractions.
Sign Size / Placement: Under this program, your logo appears with others in the same category-for example, lodgings--on signs near your highway exit and on the exit ramp. Businesses must qualify for the program based on distance from the highway, minimum size and hours of operation
 Cost: Logo signs cost $850 per direction; so to advertise on both sides of an interstate (east and west, for example) would cost $1700 per year, plus the manufacturing cost of the sign. Your business supplies the logo artwork.

How to get started

To sign up for either program, please contact Michigan Logos, Inc. at 517-337-2267 or 1-888-645-6467.  The Michigan Logos staff can help you determine your eligibility, complete an application, and design a sign for no charge.  When your application is accepted, Michigan Logos will arrange for manufacturing, erecting, and maintaining the sign.