• Adopt-a-Landscape logoThe MDOT Adopt-A-Landscape Program provides an avenue for individuals, organizations, or businesses to help maintain sections of roadside within Michigan's State Highway System. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of cleaner and more beautiful roadsides, participants help to prevent potential pollutants from entering our waterways and save countless Michigan taxpayer dollars every year.

    The Adopt-A-Landscape Program provides a great opportunity to promote civic responsibility, community pride, and camaraderie within organizations. And, even though the Adopt-A-Landscape Program may not be used as a forum for advertising or public discourse, Adopt-A-Landscape courtesy signs provide prominent recognition for its participants.

    The Adopt-A-Landscape program allows for the following:

    • Planting and establishing wildflowers
    • Controlling weeds on Right-of-Way
    • Ancillary mowing
    • Tree trimming and/or removal
    • Planting and establishing landscaping within interchanges, boulevards, rest areas, roadside parks, etc.
    • Planting and establishing trees, shrubs, and/or flowers along state highways
    • Removing graffiti as needed from one or more highway structures

    How Do I Adopt-A-Landscape? 

    Frequently Asked Questions