Safe Delivery
1. When did this law take effect?
2. In general, what does the law provide?
3. Who is an Emergency Service Provider?
4. What written information is the ESP to provide the surrendering parent?
5. What other information should the ESP share?
6. Where does an ESP obtain a listing of counseling and medical service providers?
7. How does the ESP know if the baby is a newborn?
8. What if the person(s) surrendering the newborn leaves without providing any additional information?
9. What if someone other than a parent surrenders the newborn?
10. How will the non-surrendering parent know about the birth and the surrender of the baby?
11. What if the newborn is found abandoned on the hospital, fire station or police station premises?
12. What if a parent(s) returns to the hospital, fire station or police station following the surrender and requests return of the newborn?
13. What Circuit Court, Family Division does the surrendering parent(s) file for custody if, after surrender, they wish to do so?
14. The law indicates that the newborn surrendered at a fire department or police station must be transferred to the hospital. How should this be done?
15. Should the initial clinical assessment of the newborn, at the hospital, include a complete physical examination?
16. What should be done if, during the hospital's clinical assessment, signs of abuse and/or neglect are present?
17. Does the hospital have to obtain written consent to treat and/or transfer the newborn?
18. Do ESPs have legal protection against lawsuits relating to accepting surrendered newborns?
19. Will the surrendered newborn be eligible for Medicaid?
20. Who applies for the birth registration for the newborn?
21. Following an examination at a hospital and if the newborn is unharmed, what is the next step for the hospital?
22. Where does the hospital obtain a listing of child placing agencies that handle adoptions?
23. What are the responsibilities of a child placing agency that has taken a newborn under this law?
24. How do I contact the Michigan Missing Children's Information Clearinghouse and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children?
25. The child placing agency that has temporary protective custody of a newborn under the Safe Delivery of Newborns Act will be required to complete court forms. What forms have been developed and how does the agency access them?
26. Where can I get more information about the Safe Delivery Law?