I am an American Indian/Alaska Native in foster care; are there services available to assist me?

The Office of Native American Affairs (NAA) has produced a toolkit consisting of four topic areas NAA, Law, Tribes, and MDHHS Services for AI/AN youth in care which may be accessed by contacting the NAA Director at TadgersonS@michigan.gov.

Casey Family Programs has developed tools for American Indian/Alaska Native foster youth and may be contacted at  https://www.casey.org/casey-life-skills-resources/

The National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) has excellent resources and hosts an Annual Indian Child Welfare Conference that may of interest to you (See http://www.nicwa.org/).

MDHHS Indian Outreach Services (IOS) may be available in your county to assist you with accessing services/programs (See IOW/IOS on NAA website www.michigan.gov/americanindians).

As a resident of Michigan, you are eligible for any service available for youth in the child welfare system. Please contact your caseworker or Director of Native American Affairs at TadgersonS@michigan.gov for more information on service linkages specific to your interests and/or need.