Support is Available

You're not alone when you become a foster parent. If you need assistance, there are financial resources and entire communities that can - and want to - offer you a helping hand.

Financial Support

Financial support is available for foster families. The amount is based on the child's age and certain services provided to the child. Review the MDHHS Foster Care Rates for a detailed overview.

Additional reimbursement may be available based on your needs when a child comes into your care. Contact your local agency for details.

Support Groups

The Foster Care Navigator Program provides support services to prospective and current foster parents. Foster Care Navigators are available to mentor and guide you through the process of becoming and growing as a foster parent. Foster Care Navigators are trained and experienced current and former foster parents.

Whether you have been a Foster parent for several years or you are just inquiring about becoming a foster parent, the benefits of having a Navigator are invaluable. Navigators work with both the State of Michigan and private agencies to support the continuing growth of Michigan's foster parent population. Visit them online at or call them at 855-MICHKIDS.

In addition, we recommend you take advantage of the numerous community and faith-based support groups across the state. These groups are comprised of foster parents who truly understand the process and, more importantly, will celebrate your successes and help you navigate the challenges. Here are a couple to get you started:

  • Fostering Forward Michigan is a social community that provides support and encouragement to families of foster children. Visit them online at
  • The National Foster Parent Association's open forums to read, ask questions, and share information about being a foster parent:

Contact your agency to find support groups in your area.