Vaccine-Preventable Disease Investigation Guidelines

Agency: Community Health

Vaccine-preventable diseases are public health priorities and warrant timely reporting, investigation, and intervention. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has developed the following guidelines for surveillance, investigation, and public health follow-up of these diseases. This guidance is intended principally for local health department workers or other public health personnel but may be helpful to other health care providers as well.

The information is organized into separate sections for each disease; they may be viewed on-line or downloaded. Within each section there are numerous hyper-links to other areas within the document or to other Internet resources (the latter are navigable provided the user is connected to the Internet); these are indicated in colored, underscored text and can be accessed by placing the mouse cursor over the text and clicking the left mouse button simultaneously. Navigation back to the point of departure can be accomplished either by clicking the BACK button (if available) or by closing the linked browser page.

Investigation Guidelines

Updated: July 2016

Section 1:     Diphtheria

Section 2:     Haemophilus influenzae (type b) invasive disease  (children)

Section 3:     Measles

Section 4:     Meningococcal disease

Section 5:     Mumps

Section 6:     Pertussis

Section 7:     Poliomyelitis

Section 8:     Rubella

Section 9:     S. pneumoniae invasive disease   (children)

Section 10:   Tetanus 

Section 11:   Varicella

Section 12:   Recommended lab tests for VPDs

Section 13:   Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System   (VAERS)

Section 14:   Additional resources (web links)



A woman in a white lab coat is looking into a microscope







Face of boy with measles, (third day rash)


This photo of a young child with mumps shows the characteristic jaw swelling


Child with broken blood vessels in eyes and bruising on face due to pertussis coughing     

Eyes of a child with measles Child with pertussis; it is difficult for him to stop coughing and to get air