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Welcome to the Michigan PRAMS page! PRAMS is a program that, with coordination from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), helps gather data about moms' health before, during, and after their pregnancy. With the data collected from this survey, we can help to improve the health of moms and their babies throughout the State of Michigan. Above are links that can help direct you to what you're looking for.

The PRAMS survey was developed in 1987 in cooperation with the CDC. Michigan was one of the first states to parcipate in PRAMS along with Indiana, Maine, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. The PRAMS survey is revised every three to five years and each revision is referred to as a survey phase.

Michigan PRAMS Project Coordinator/Epidemiologist

Pete Haak
Email: HaakP@michigan.gov
Phone: 517-335-9509
Fax: 517-335-9195


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