Message from the Office of Nursing Programs

June 2019

Symposium on Exploring New Models of Undergraduate Nursing Clinical Education

Available data and technology continue to advance at an ever-increasing pace, and healthcare practice is undergoing significant transformation to meet the needs of an aging population including more individuals experiencing chronic illness, disability and insufficient resources. As healthcare practice shifts from predominantly acute care to more community-based settings, colleges and universities educating health professionals are striving to produce an adequate supply of well-prepared practitioners who in addition to caring for the healthcare needs of the patients they serve will address health equity and social determinants of health to improve the health of the population. In Michigan, representatives of nursing academia and practice gathered to share and discuss issues and barriers to the clinical education of undergraduate nurses, as well as deliberating best practices and available resources that may be leveraged to redesign nursing clinical education to produce a more evidence-based common vision for the future clinical education of undergraduate nurses. The event included the presentations of some unique clinical placements created in community-based settings and some resources currently being utilized to advance the use of simulation in the education of nurses. For your reference, the information presented may be found on this site. In addition, links have been provided to other resources referenced at the event. This event was the first of several to be held as nursing stakeholders in Michigan develop a common vision for the future of undergraduate nursing clinical education.

Materials and Resources from this event may be found by clicking the Symposium on Exploring New Models of Undergraduate Nursing Education Material link on our main webpage or by clicking the title in this sentence



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