Bed Inventories

The bed inventories will be updated and published to this site on a bi-monthly basis on the first business day of:  January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Note that this information should not be used for licensing purposes, as it reflects CON activity only.

May, 2019 

Hospital Bed Inventory 
          Hospital Groups Map - 2012 
          Hospital Limited Access Areas Map - 2018

     NICU Bed Inventory

     Swing Bed Inventory

Psychiatric Bed Inventory

     Updated Appendix A
     Updated Appendix B

Psychiatric Special Population Group Bed Inventory

Nursing Home/HLTCU Bed Inventory

The updated Nursing Home bed need with a base year of 2013 and a planning year of 2018 was approved by the Commission with an effective date of March 16, 2016.  Note that this document provides the updated and current bed need numbers for the planning areas, and the difference in the bed need.  This document does not provide the unmet bed need for the planning areas.  You need to review the detailed Department Bed Inventory in order to calculate the unmet bed need for each planning area. 
Updated Bed Need Methodology 
Updated Appendix B 
Updated Appendix E

     Nursing Home Special Populations Group Bed Inventory

All reports are in Adobe PDF format unless otherwise indicated.  To locate a specific page or information in these PDF documents, select Edit in the toolbar and then Find. The Find tool will expedite a search to locate a specific planning area or facility without scrolling through each page.

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