Michigan Asthma Surveillance, Data and Reports

Asthma is a serious, chronic disease of the lungs that is caused by swelling (inflammation) in the airways. There is no cure for asthma, but symptoms can be prevented and controlled with proper care. For more information, read the MDHHS Asthma Fact Sheet or visit the MDHHS Asthma Program website.

This page includes links to asthma surveillance reports, presentations, fact sheets, infographics, and other data products produced by the staff of the MDHHS Chronic Disease Epidemiology Section. It also includes links to other sources of statewide and national asthma data that will help you better understand asthma's impact on our residents.

Check out our special Michigan Asthma Indicators section for Michigan-based data on asthma-related health behaviors and vital statistics specific to Michigan children and adults, as well as Michigan residents in general.

Within each indicator, use the interactive features to choose the data set you'd like to explore. Data sets can be viewed as easy-to-use bar charts, line graphs, and maps, or downloaded as Microsoft Excel files.



For more information, contact:
Beth E. Anderson, MPH
Chronic Disease Epidemiology Section
MDHHS Lifecourse Epidemiology and Genomics Division
e-mail: andersonb@michigan.gov
phone: 517-335-9785