Tobacco Use Reduction in PLWH Project - Resources

video icon "Talking About Thinking About Quitting? Facilitating a Guided Discussion with Tobacco Users" archived webcast (3:31:25) (MDHHS)
This November 2019 Precontemplation Workshop with Michigan-based tobacco use reduction in PLWH professionals was presented by the MDHHS Tobacco Section and facilitated by Lilianna Angel Reyes, MPA, TTS. Reyes is director of the Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit and founder and executive director of the Trans Sisters of Color Project, a Detroit nonprofit that serves trans women of color in, or from, the city of Detroit.


video icon "I Will Quit" tobacco cessation video
In this brief (3:30) video from the MDHHS Tobacco Use Reduction in People Living with HIV (PLWH) Project, HIV clients Joseph P. and Tanisha B. discuss their personal and powerful struggles with quitting tobacco, as well as their reasons and methods for quitting. Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist Sheyonna Watson (at the time with UNIFIED - HIV Health and Beyond and now a consultant with the MDHHS Tobacco Use Reduction in People Living with HIV Project) discusses the local and statewide resources that are available for PLWH who are trying to quit tobacco.


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Resources to help PLWH quit using tobacco (useful for both PLWH and providers)Adobe Acrobat PDF icon
This document includes an extensive list of resources for assisting PLWH to quit tobacco, including videos that teach motivational interviewing techniques, Michigan Tobacco Quitline information, and PLWH testimonials.


map of particpating ASOs

Organizations that provide quit tobacco services for PLWH in Michigan
This map highlights the HIV/AIDS service organizations (ASOs) throughout Michigan that receive project funding to provide quit tobacco services for PLWH in our state. The linked page also includes a text directory of the funded organizations and the key contact(s) for the project.


map of tobacco treatment specialists

Specialists trained to help PLWH quit using tobacco
MDHHS staff are working to ensure that at least one staffer from each participating ASO is trained to provide optimal tobacco dependence treatment counseling and support for PLWH who want to quit tobacco. The linked page includes both a map and a text-based directory of Tobacco Treatment Specialists (TTSs) and Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists (CTTSs) working throughout Michigan.


Nine oblong white pills in a pile

Tobacco treatment medications included in the MIDAP formulary
MDHHS Tobacco Control Program staff work closely with staff of the Michigan Drug Assistance Program (MIDAP), a medication assistance program for PLWH, to ensure that all tobacco dependence treatment medications are included in the MIDAP formulary.This has helped to provide increased, barrier-free access to these medications for PLWH.


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Presentation detailing the initial problem statement behind the Tobacco Use Reduction in People Living with HIV Project Adobe Acrobat PDF icon
Living with HIV and using tobacco not only reduces life expectancy, but also creates a unique set of issues, from HIV medications being less effective to a perceived lower quality of life. This slide presentation highlights important data reflecting the health outcomes of using tobacco as a person living with HIV and what can be done to address this issue.


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Tobacco behavior and trends among ASO clients Adobe Acrobat PDF icon
In 2015, MDHHS conducted two separate surveys — one among ASO staff and another among ASO clients — in an effort to gain a better understanding of tobacco behavior and trends within each agency and its client populations. This presentation highlights the major findings from those two surveys.