Healthy Schools

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 Healthy School Action Tools 
The HSAT website provides access to online tools to help your school create a healthier school environment. A healthy school environment provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice the healthy behaviors that ultimately reduce chronic diseases. If you represent a Michigan school and want to determine what you can do to improve your school's health environment, visit the HSAT website and find out how to complete the assessment and action planning tools.

  Michigan Tools for Healthy Schools
This chart provides a snapshot of the assessment tools available to Michigan schools. It helps schools determine which method of data gathering will best help them assess their school environment.

  Michigan Healthy School Success Stories 
This website encourages schools to share their successes, be recognized for their efforts, and inspire other Michigan schools. The website includes an easy online form for submitting success stories, and enables schools to review published success stories by topic for proven ideas.  

  Other Key Resources for Healthy School Environments:
This website provides links to key policy and environmental resources for schools.

  School Based Health Centers
School Based Health Centers: Michigan's Child and Adolescent Health Centers, housed in 70 Michigan schools, provide resources for identifying & assisting individual students who could benefit from help with weight. For more information about the Child and Adolescent Health Center program go to