Data and Outcomes

  • To ensure that children and their families are improving as an outcome of their mental health treatment, Mental Health Services to Children and Families Division of MDHHS monitors the outcomes of children served through the use of the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment (7 years and older), the Preschool and Early Childhood Functional Assessment (4-6 years), or the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (birth to 47 months).

    In the MDHHS contract with the PIHPs and CMHSPs, the CAFAS, PECFAS, and DECA are required assessment tools for all children with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED), birth through 17 years and/or as long as they are receiving children’s services.


  • To ensure that CMHSPs and PIHPs provide for the administration of the PECFAS and CAFAS to children served in the behavioral health system, a GUIDANCE has been developed and is updated regularly to clarify requirements for the administration of the tools, the training requirements, and the MDHHS support for the administration and training in the tools.

  • Up-to-date copy of the GUIDANCE.