Social Emotional Health

In Michigan, we believe social and emotional health matters!

The Michigan 0-8 Social and Emotional Toolkit provides materials for communities throughout the state to use in promoting the positive social and emotional health of all their children. In this toolkit, you will find the following resources to help you get started:

mother with baby

  • Social and Emotional Health: a Guide for Families with Children Birth-8 Years, Revised, 2013

A simple guide for families highlighting what social and emotional health is, what it looks like, & simple strategies for promoting children's social and emotional skills

A Guide for Families with Children Birth-8 Years 


  • Social and Emotional Fact Sheet, 2013

A 2-page fact sheet on children's social emotional health that can be used for training, policy development and building awareness of the importance of children's social and emotional health

Social and Emotional Fact Sheet 


  • Social and Emotional Scripted Power Point, 2013

A short, scripted power point that aligns with the Social and Emotional Guide for Families and the Social and Emotional Fact Sheet that families, professionals and others can use within their communities to build awareness of social and emotional health

Social and Emotional Scripted Power Point 

Family running on beachTo make an impact at both the local and statewide levels, it is important that communities use consistent and effective messages.  Michigan's Great Start Systems Team, State Ad Hoc Committee on Social and Emotional Messaging, comprised of parents and professionals from across the state worked to develop a coordinated social emotional messaging strategy for state departments, local agencies and entities that are serving children 0-8 years old, and their families with the goal of; helping to promote and engage the public in understanding social emotional health of children and families thereby improving, 

  1. the public conversation about the topic
  2. decision making about this critical issue (for example, funding) and
  3. referral and information about services

We all play a role in supporting positive mental health for all children in our community: from families to schools, from childcare providers to businesses, all parts of our community have the opportunity to support positive mental health development for our children.

Whenever you see children playing and learning in enriching environments, what you are really seeing is brain building. The latest science shows that these early experiences actually build the architecture of the developing brain; much like a house is built from the bottom up.


Each step lays the groundwork for the next set of skills - like reading and math-and a lifetime of learning, success and productive, responsible citizenship.


At each stage of development, from birth to adulthood, we know that social and emotional health matters and that we all have a role in supporting positive social and emotional health for our children.

Do not wait, start talking about social and emotional health today and stay tuned for more resources that are currently under development.


Brought to you by the Michigan Great Start Systems Team:

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