• Michigan Public Health Week 2017 - Healthiest Nation 2030

    Hometown Health Hero Award Nomination Form

    The responsibility of public health is to protect and promote the health of communities through education, policy, and assessment. To be successful, public health departments need the support and action of private organizations and individuals. When we work together, we can build healthier communities and eventually achieve our goal of being the healthiest nation.

    The purpose of the Hometown Health Hero award is to recognize individuals and organizations which have made significant contributions to protect and improve their community’s health. Hometown Health Hero awards are presented every April as part of Michigan’s Public Health Week. Help us celebrate all the great achievements happening in public health by nominating an organization or an individual you know for a Hometown Health Hero award. The Michigan Public Health Week celebration takes place at the State Capitol on April 19, 2017.
    There are many activities that can help us to achieve the goal of being the healthiest nation:

    •   Building safe, healthy communities: Health must be a priority in designing our communities, from healthy housing to parks and playgrounds. Walking and cycling must coexist with cars and public transportation. We need lower levels of violence and crime so everyone can safely live, work, learn and play.
    •  Helping young people graduate from high school: Education is the leading indicator of good health, giving people access to better jobs, incomes and neighborhoods. We need advocacy for policies that support all ages in education, from early school success through high school graduation.
    •   The relationship between increased economic mobility and better health: The science is clear - poverty and poor health go hand-in-hand. Income equality creates unhealthy stresses on adults and children.
    •   Social justice and health: Everyone has the right to good health. Programs and policies that work to remove barriers to a healthy life are necessary as we strive to be a healthier nation.
    •  Give everyone a choice of healthy food: Our food system should provide affordable food with nutritious ingredients, free from harmful contaminants. For many families, eating healthy is a daily challenge. Efforts to increase healthy food choices in our communities and schools are important to improving the health of our communities.
    •  Create healthy environments: Our health is closely tied to our environments. We need to protect our natural and manmade environments to protect our health at work, school and home.
    •  Encourage healthy behaviors and choices: We need to work together to make the healthy choice the easy choice for everyone. This includes avoiding use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs; eating healthy foods; and being physically active.
    •  Strengthen the public health infrastructure and capacity to provide quality care for all: Strong and consistent funding is necessary for responsive and successful health systems, including public health. We must continue to support options to expand access to care, emphasize prevention of disease, and respond during emergencies.

    Submit your nomination to Jim Koval by fax (517-335-8392) or email (kovalj@michigan.gov
    Nominations are due by February 24, 2017

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