Visual Ads & Resources

Visuals have been shown to be much more educational and persuasive in helping parents understand the importance of a proper infant safe sleep environment. Below are a number of guidelines, images and processes for requesting images that can be used by infant safe sleep partners to educate and inform the public about proper infant safe sleep.


Digital Ad for Safe Sleep

The following ad is great for sharing on your website, social media or in your email signature line. Simply right click on the image to save it, then it can be uploaded. Be sure to link it to

Digital Ad for Safe Sleep


Diagram of Baby

The following diagram is useful for explaining the myth that a baby can choke while sleeping on his or her back. Remember, when babies sleep on their backs, their airways are more protected.

Safe Sleep Image Guidelines

When using photos of babies, please adhere to the following lifesaving safe sleep image guidelines:

Always Show:

  • Babies being placed to sleep or sleeping on their backs.
  • Cribs, portable play yards and bassinets that meet current safety standards and are free from any soft bedding items, i.e., blankets, quilts, bumper pads and stuffed animals or toys. Bassinets should not have padded sides.
  • Babies sleeping ALONE; not with a parent, other adult, child or pet.
  • Mattresses that fit snugly in the crib, play yard or bassinet, covered with only a fitted sheet.

Never Show: 

  • Babies sleeping in positioners or on wedges.
  • Babies sleeping on any surface other than a firm mattress, including a parent’s chest, adult bed, sofa, chair, pillow or other unsafe place.
  • Babies sleeping in car seats, swings, bouncy seats or similar products.
  • Cribs, play yards and bassinets near windows, draperies or blind/shade cords.

When Possible Show: 

  • Room sharing for babies younger than one year, showing the baby’s separate, safe, sleep space in the room with or alongside the adult bed.
  • Sleeping babies dressed in a wearable blanket or other sleeper clothing for warmth, without the use of blankets.


Photo of Proper Infant Safe Sleep Position

Below is a photo of an infant being put to sleep in a proper crib with a firm mattress covered only with a fitted sheet, on his back, without any pillows, quilts, comforters, stuffed toys, bumper pads, or other soft objects. No citation is needed for use of this photo.

To find additional safe sleep images, visit the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development at


Scene Photo Letter of Agreement

The Michigan Public Health Institute (MPHI) has created death scene re-enactment photos to be used for educational purposes. The scenes are simulations based on actual infant death cases and are true to the circumstances surrounding the deaths. Scene sets and actors are used to maintain confidentiality of the actual scene and safeguard the privacy of the families involved.

If you are interested in accessing these photos for educational purposes
please contact Heidi Hilliard at