Section 51a(6)

The section 51a(6) application is submitted by some schools as a result of an amendment to the special education rules effective July 1, 1987. In a few instances, these rules created costs in addition to what the districts would have incurred under the old rules. The Legislature has appropriated funds to reimburse districts for the net-increased costs that occurred as a result of these revisions.

Application for Funds Under Section 51a(6) of the State School Aid Act for the 2019-20 School Year

Final Cost Report for Section 51a(6) of the State School Aid Act (Form SE-4747) for 2019-20

  • SE-4747 Final Cost Report for the 2019-20 School Year Certification (Available June 2020)
  • SE-4747 Final Cost Report the 2019-20 School Year (Available June 2020)