• Legislation

    Michigan law and accompanying Administrative Rules regarding Educator Evaluations.

Relevant Public Acts

  • Public Act 173 of 2015 PDF icon

    The full text of the Michigan Educator Evaluation legislation signed into law on November 5, 2015

  • Public Act of 170 of 2016 PDF icon

    Section 1249(8) of this legislation clarifies the definition of teacher for the purposes of educator evaluations.

Education Evaluation Legislation by Section

  • Section 380.1249

    Section 380.1249 establishes the requirements for teacher evaluations in the State of Michigan

  • Section 380.1249a

    Section 380.1249a establishes assignment of pupil to teacher rated as ineffective and notification

  • Section 380.1249b

    Section 380.1249b establishes the requirements for administrator evaluations in the State of Michigan

  • Section 380.1531j

    Section 380.1531j establishes the requirements of issuance of the initial professional teaching certificate

  • Section 380.1531k

    Section 380.1531k establishes requirements of issuance of initial or renewed advanced professional education certificate