• The Office of the General Counsel includes various offices that review administrative appeals involving state classified civil service employment.

    Civil Service Hearings Office (CSHO) The CSHO conducts hearings in grievance appeals filed by non-exclusively represented employees (NEREs) after exhausting the grievance process with their employing agency. The CSHO also conducts hearings for unfair labor practice charges, for other labor-relations appeals, and under other limited circumstances authorized in the civil service rules and regulations. 

    Office of Technical Complaints (OTC) The OTC conducts administrative reviews of various administrative decisions by Civil Services Commission staff and appointment processes. These include determinations regarding classification, qualification, benefits appeals, disbursement approvals, military benefits, and appointments.

    Employment Relations Board (ERB) The ERB considers appeals from CSHO and OTC decisions and makes recommendations to the Civil Services Commission. It also makes recommendations on bargaining impasses for exclusively represented employees and for the annual pay-setting process for NEREs.

  • Decision Status and Research System (DSTARS)
    MCSC DSTARS Logo DSTARS is a searchable database containing the full text of selected decision of the Michigan Civil Service Commission, Employment Relations Board, Technical Review and Hearing Officers, and the courts.