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Moving Forward: Excitement, Concerns, and Challenges

  • As we begin to move towards a post-pandemic workplace and resume activities that have been halted for more than a year, there may be mixed feelings and concerns. This webinar will focus on gaining insight into the variety of reactions that may be present. It will also provide coping tips and strategies to help manage related stress and positively adjust to moving forward.
  • YouTube: Wednesday, June 9 Recording

Practicing Mindfulness to Support Wellness

  • A very important aspect of overall wellness is having regular time and attention devoted to managing stress. Mindfulness techniques are a proven method for decreasing stress levels and improving overall wellness. In this interactive webinar, participants will be led through three different mindfulness exercises and learn how practicing mindfulness can benefit both physical and mental health.
  • YouTube: Wednesday, June 16 Recording

Prioritizing Self-Care and Stress Management

  • It is important to actively practice self-care with stress management techniques during changing and stressful times, but we don't always do so. This webinar will help you understand the importance of prioritizing self-care, gain insight into what gets in the way of self-prioritization, provide a simple approach to stress management planning, and highlight available resources.
  • YouTube: Wednesday, June 23 Recording

Coping with Grief and Loss

  • Grief is a universal experience that impacts all of us throughout our lives. Yet grief is also individualized and unique to personal experiences. The loss of loved ones and friends during the pandemic has been especially difficult. This session will help participants gain a better understanding of grief, including complicated bereavement, and how it can be present in the workplace. It will also address ways to receive and provide support for grief and access additional resource.
  • YouTube: Wednesday, June 30 Recording

Managing Anxiety-Building Resilience

  • For more than a year, we have been trying to stay safe through social distancing and this has meant reduced contact with others, fewer activities, remote work for many, and even isolation for some. With that, it is understandable that resuming social interaction or returning to the workplace may trigger anxiety for many. This webinar will help you better understand anxiety, learn methods for reducing it, and how to build resilience for the future.
  • YouTube: Wednesday, July 14 Recording

Navigating Communication in the New Workplace

  • Communication in the workplace has never been as challenging as it is today. With a blend of in-office, remote, and hybrid work schedules, constant change, and the discussion of potentially divisive topics and issues, it is vital that we communicate kindly and productively. This webinar will help identify current communication hurdles and teach methods that can lead to more effective and positive workplace communication.
  • YouTube: Wednesday, July 28 Recording

Moving Forward: Excitement, Concerns, and Challenges for Managers

  • As we continue to move towards a post-pandemic workplace and resume activities that have been halted for more than a year, there may be mixed feelings and concerns. This webinar will focus on helping managers gain insight into the variety of reactions that may be present and provide tips and strategies for assisting your team with moving forward.
  • YouTube: Wednesday, August 4 Recording

Parenting Beyond COVID-19:  What do we do now?

  • Many parents have found themselves wondering how their children are navigating the pandemic both socially and academically. Parents have questioned if their child's behavior is normal during this time and have wondered how to continue support them.  In this session we will review strategies and resources to assist with the challenges of parenting as we move through and beyond COVID-19.
  • YouTube: Wednesday, August 11 Recording