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    Michigan Envirothon

    The purpose of Envirothon is to provide environmental education to high school students and their adult advisors throughout the state of Michigan. Teams of five students and up to four alternate members study seven different subject areas throughout the year, in preparation for a statewide competition held annually. The teams are also required to complete a Community Outreach Project as part of the competition. The Michigan Envirothon program presents environmental education in a unique, motivating and exciting way! The program emphasizes hands-on learning in the outdoors; field trips and one-on-one training with resource professionals is highly encouraged. Learning objectives are set forth for each of the subject areas, and resource professionals aid in preparing resource materials for teams to use in their studies. In the Community Outreach Project portion of the Envirothon, teams identify an environmental issue in their community and then address that issue through hands-on problem solving and community education. Teams are encouraged to partner with resource agencies, local government, their schools and others to develop a strong and effective project.

    The Envirothon Challenge

    While studying the Envirothon subject areas and completing the Community Outreach Project, along with learning a lot, teams are preparing for the statewide natural resource competition. Regional Competitions are held in the spring during one day to qualify teams for the two-day State Competition, which occurs in May. At the State Competition, teams have a full day of outdoor training with Resource Professionals. On the second day of the event, teams are tested in each subject area at four to five outdoor eco-stations. Teams are also required to complete a written report on their Community Outreach Project and give an oral presentation to a panel of judges. Test and Project scores are combined to determine an overall winning team. Teams are also recognized for excellence in each subject area, and for their Community Outreach Project. Winning teams are awarded with scholarships, plaques, ribbons, and other prizes. The First Place overall team goes on to represent Michigan at the Canon Envirothon, North America's largest natural resource competition, a five-day event held in the summer.

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