Grain Dealer Licenses Are Not Required Under These Circumstances

A list of statutory exceptions to grain dealer licensing requirements is below.

  • A grower or producer who sells farm produce that the grower or producer actually produces.
  • A person who buys farm produce, pursuant to a cash sale, as a feeder of the person's own livestock or poultry.
  • A person who handled less than 30,000 bushels of farm produce from producers in the prior or current fiscal period, buying farm produce in a cash sale.
  • A person who contracts for land or services to produce seed for sowing or propagation.
  • A person who purchases farm produce from other than a grower or producer pursuant to a cash sale.

Note: Exceptions are not available if the person is required to offer warehouse receipts, price later agreements, or if the person takes title prior to payment to farm produce of a producer or grower. To qualify for an exception, the person must engage solely in the exceptions listed above.