Resource List for Parents and Caregivers

For fingerplays, rhymes, songs, projects, and crafts or more detailed information on literacy and early childhood education, consult these books and others, available at local libraries or through interlibrary loan.


Berk, Laura E. Infants, Children, and Adolescents. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon, 1993.

Bredekamp, Sue and Rosegrant, Teresa. Reaching Potentials: Appropriate Curriculum and Assessment for Young Children, vol. 1. Washington, DC: NAEYC, 1992.

Conklin, Lynn. Holiday Projects for Kids: Winter/Spring. Palos Verdes Estates, CA: Frank Schaffer Publications, Inc., 1983.(Craft ideas for "Bunny Face" with moveable ears and eyes, p. 14.)

Fort, Imogene. April: Patterns, Projects & Plans to Perk Up Early Learning Programs. Nashville, TN: Incentive Publications, Inc., 1990. (Craft ideas for "Paper Bag Bunny Basket," Cotton Ball or Tissue Paper Bunny," and "Stand-Up Bunny" pp. 30-31.)

Gibson, Linda. Literacy Learning in the Early Years: Through Children's Eyes. New York: Teacher's College Press, 1989.

Hunt, Tamara and Nancy Renfro. Never Pick a Python for a Pet: And Other Animal Poems. Nancy Renfro Studios, 1984. (Perform and involve children in the short, one-person puppet show "The Fox and the Rabbit" pp. 46-47.)

MacDonald, Margaret Read. Booksharing: 101 Programs to Use with Preschoolers. Hamden, CT: Shoe String Press, 1988. ("Easter Rabbits" pp. 95-97.)

Mallett, Jerry. Stories to Draw. Hagerstown, MD: Freline, Inc., 1982. ("Who's in My Garden?" pp. 33-35.)

Oldfield, Margaret Jean. More Tell and Draw Stories. Minneapolis, MN: Creative Storytime Press, 1969. ("Why Rabbits Have Long Ears" pp. 39-40.)

Raines, Shirley C. Story S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-R-S: Activities to Expand Children's Favorite Books. Mt. Rainier, MD: Gryphon House, Inc., 1989. ("Runaway Bunny" program ideas for art, creative dramatics, and cooking. pp. 156- 157.)

Ring A Ring O' Roses: Stories, Games and Finger Plays for Pre-school Children. Flint, MI: Flint Public Library, 1981. (Many bunny fingerplays and rhymes.)

Roberts, Lynda. Mitt Magic: Fingerplays for Finger Puppets. Mt. Rainier, MD: Gryphon House, Inc., 1985. ("Easter Rabbits" and "Easter Eggs" pp. 57-58.)

Schiller, Pam. Where is Thumbkin?: Over 500 Activities to Use with Songs You Already Know. Mt. Rainier, MD: Gryphon House, Inc., 1993. ("Little Bunny Foo Foo" program suggestions for music, movement, and art. pp. 122-123.)

Sevaly, Karen. April: A Creative Idea Book for the Elementary Teacher. Moreno Valley, CA: Teacher's Friend Publications, 1988. (Craft ideas for "Bunny Basket" and Bunny Sack Puppet" pp. 36-37.)

Sierra, Judy. The Flannel Board Storytelling Book: 36 Stories, Poems, and Songs and Over 250 Patterns. The H.W Wilson company, 1987. ("Uwungelema, An African (Bantu) Tale" is one of the many stories of "slow and steady wins the race" pp. 152- 157.

Sitarz, Paula Gaj. More Picture Book Story Hours: From Parties to Pets. Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited, Inc., 1990. ("Wiggle and Hop: Stories about Rabbits" pp. 122-126.)

Van Schuyver, Jan. Storytelling Made Easy with Puppets. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1993. ("Bad Habits" pp. 74-79 and "The Tortoise and the Hare" pp. 67-69.)

Warren, Jean. Animal Piggyback Songs. Everett, WA: Warren Publishing House, Inc., 1990. ("Rabbit Hopping Song," "Bunny-Pokey," "My Rabbit," and "See the Fluffy Rabbit.")

Warren, Jean. "Cut & Tell" Scissor Stories for Spring. Everett, WA: Warren Publishing House, Inc., 1984. ("Bunny in a Basket" pp. 21-31.)

Warren, Jean. Piggyback Songs to Sign. Everett, WA: Warren Publishing House, Inc., 1992.) (Learn to sign "Funny Little Bunny" and use in the songs "Down the Lane," "Carrot Patch," "Funny Little Bunny," and "Hop, Hop, Hop." pp. 68-69.)


Folkmanis, Inc. 1219 Park Avenue, Emeryville, CA 94608. (510) 658-7677. (Wonderful source for realistic puppets with bunnies in many colors and sizes.)

Listening Library: Book Mates. One Park Ave., Old Greenwich, CT 06870. 1-800- 243-4504. (Good source for book characters and puppets such as "Goodnight Moon" bunny.)

Prepared by the Texas Library Association Children's Round Table and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Updated 12/03/2003