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Labor and Economic Opportunity
  • How and When To Pay Your Unemployment Taxes

    Employers are required to file Employer’s Quarterly Wage/Tax Reports listing their employees and the wages earned for each quarter. Quarterly reports are due: First Quarter - April 25, Second Quarter - July 25, Third Quarter - October 25 and Fourth Quarter - January 25. 

  • About Unemployment Insurance

    Unemployment Insurance is a program to provide short-term economic assistance to eligible workers who have lost their job through no fault of their own.

  • Online Registration and Seeking Work Waiver

    A Registration and Seeking Work Waiver (RSW) may now be requested online. In the past, employers had to submit the request in writing and receive approval for the waiver request. Now the waiver can be requested and approved in minutes. Form UIA 1711 may be provided by employers to employees

  • Employees Covered By Unemployment Insurance

    Most services performed by an employee for an employer are covered by unemployment insurance.  if they earn enough wages, properly file a claim, and meet all other eligibility requirements.

  • Contributions or Reimbursements

    There are two methods for taxing employers for unemployment insurance. All for-profit employers are contributing employers. Contributing employers file a report and pay UI taxes quarterly. A reimbursing employer does not pay quarterly taxes to UI, but pays dollar-for-dollar the amount of benefits that were paid by UI in a calendar quarter to former employees.  

  • Unemployment Insurance Taxes

    Michigan's unemployment tax system is one of the most highly "experience rated" systems in the country. This generally means that a Michigan employer's tax is more closely based on the actual benefit charges to its account, and the size of payroll, than employers in most other states.

  • Office of Employer Ombudsman

    Employers with questions may call our Office of Employer Ombudsman (OEO) unit at 1-855-484-2636.