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Online Registration and Seeking Work Waiver

New Internet Service for Employers

The Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) has made it faster and easier for employers to request a Registration and Seeking Work Waiver for short term lay off periods. A Registration and Seeking Work Waiver (RSW) may now be requested on-line. In the past, employers had to submit the request in writing and receive approval for the waiver request. Now the waiver can be requested and approved in minutes!

Employers request waivers during periods of short term unemployment periods because they want their workforce to be available and return to work as requested. A Registration and Seeking Work Waiver (RSW) may now be requested on-line through your Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM) by clicking on the Seeking Work Waiver link.

Steps on MIWAM: 

  • Login to your MIWAM account

  • Under Accounts tab select UI Tax

  • Select Account Services tab

  • Scroll down, under Benefit Services submenu, select Seeking Work Waiver

The Criteria for establishing a waiver are:

  1. the separation must be a lay off for lack of work,
  2. the layoff is temporary (work will be available within 45 days),
  3. the request must be received before the lay off occurs (no later than the week prior to the lay off)

The Registration and Seeking Work Waiver is in accordance with Section 28(1)(a) of the MES Act.

The Unemployment Compensation Notice To Employee, (form UIA 1711), which employers are required to give their employees upon separation, contains important information for unemployed workers. Employers should fill out the information, print, copy and distribute to workers when they are laid off. The information ensures that the worker provides accurate information when they file their claim. This improves the proper charging to employers and reduces overpayments of benefits.