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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Pine Lake Fund

The mission of the Pine Lake Fund is to promote the training and placement of persons with disabilities attending the Michigan Career and Technical Institute (MCTI). The Pine Lake Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It was established in 1981 to support the goals and objectives of the Michigan Career and Technical Institute (MCTI).

The organization and its employees are under the strictest accounting controls and standards. No member of the board receives any compensation for Fund activities. A complete financial audit is conducted annually.

The Pine Lake Fund is licensed by the State of Michigan, Department of the Attorney General, to solicit charitable contributions. 


  • Advocate and provide continuous strategic program direction for MCTI. 
  • Increase MCTI's presence throughout the state of Michigan utilizing emerging technology. 
  • Serve the employment needs of persons with disabilities in the state of Michigan. 
  • Support development of criteria and programs that best represent the employment needs of the employer community. 
  • Maintain oversight activities of trade training business advisory committees. 
  • Pursue greater diversity of  Pine Lake Fund board membership. 

The Pine Lake Fund and its programs have encouraged Michigan business leaders to become involved and invested in the training and job placement of persons with disabilities. It has enabled the Michigan Career and Technical Institute to be considered a national model for the involvement of business and industry in training and placing persons with disabilities. It has also allowed the development and testing of new training programs. These new programs have enabled MCTI to maintain a competitive edge in Michigan's ever changing labor market. 

How can you help MCTI through the Pine Lake Fund? 

  • Advocate for the employment of persons with disabilities. 
  • Provide career opportunities through cooperative work agreements, internships and employment. 
  • Volunteer time to serve on one of the trade business advisory committees. 
  • Donate supplies, materials and equipment for use in the 13 different trade training areas. 
  • Provide tax-exempt donations to the Pine Lake Fund in support of MCTI. 

Pine Lake Fund Board of Directors:

Executive Director 

c/o MCTI

11611 W. Pine Lake Rd.

Plainwell, MI 49080

(269) 664-9271

FAX (269) 664-5850