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What We Do 

The State Land Bank serves an important role in community and economic development by returning property to productive use. This disposition of property helps revitalize communities across Michigan by strategically selling vacant, abandoned, foreclosed, blighted or otherwise unproductive property to an owner who has the desire to repurpose the land to provide value and create safer and stronger communities in the process. 

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The State Land Bank has more than 2,500 properties available for purchase statewide. Our new property search feature allows a streamlined approach to searching, mapping and even applying for State Land Bank owned property online. 

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Economic Development Tools

  • The State Land Bank has the authority to strategically acquire, assemble and dispose of property for less than fair market value. 
  • We may take any action required to clear or quiet title to property it holds, including but not limited to, expedited quiet title and foreclosure action.
  • As a state authority, the State Land Bank is granted the Right of First Refusal to purchase tax-foreclosed property before the County or local municipalities. 
  • The property of the agency and its income and operation are exempt from all taxes and special assessments by state and local government. 
  • The State Land Bank has the ability to compete for or gain access to state or federal funding, creating a capacity to assist state-wide. 
  • The agency has the authority to enter into Intergovernmental Agreements with county and city governments to create local land banks as separate legal entities and public bodies corporate. 
  • We can assist with leveraging land bank and brownfield tax increment financing tools to become a powerful service for site development and redevelopment. 

Local Connection

Local land banks and county treasurers frequently have properties available for purchase. Contact your local land banking entity to learn more about properties available in your area. 

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For more information, please contact Jeff Huntington at 517-335-8212.