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Perkins Postsecondary Career & Technical Education


Learning about Career & Technical Education (CTE) during CTE Month

Michigan's Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist in recognition of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month met virtually with CTE students and subject matter experts to help prospective students learn the value of pursuing career and technical education. 

Video from Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month Event


Workforce Development  provides administrative oversight for the Perkins Postsecondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program while the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Career and Technical Education administers the Secondary (K-12) Perkins Career and Technical Education Program.

What is the goal of the postsecondary program?

The primary goal is to improve postsecondary CTE programs, which lead to the academic and technical skill competencies necessary for individuals to work in a technologically advanced society.

Federal funds are allocated to:

  • Provide technical assistance to develop new occupational programs.
  • Improve career guidance and counseling activities.
  • Upgrade skills and competencies of occupational education faculty and staff.
  • Improve accountability measures.
  • Improve the transition of students between secondary, community colleges, four-year educational institutions and the workplace.

What benefits does the program provide?

The Perkins Postsecondary CTE program benefits students on many levels:

  • Promotes and supports student access, retention and completion of a postsecondary career and technical education program.
  • Prepares students to obtain a high-skill, high-wage, in-demand career.
  • Prepares students for employment in current or emerging occupations requiring less than a bachelor's degree.

How is the program administered?

This program is a partnership between the State of Michigan and community colleges and universities, offering two-year occupational degrees. The program provides resources and technical assistance to community colleges and universities receiving Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education annual awards in order to meet the occupational career goals of students and the needs of industry. 

How is this program funded?

Funding is provided to the 28 community colleges, three (3) public universities and one (1) tribal college to improve career and technical education programs by supporting professional development, program improvement, curriculum development, evaluation/assessment and support services. Click here to open program overview and obtain a list of colleges who are Perkins Award recipients. 

Where can you learn more about the Perkins program?

More information about the program is available on the Michigan Community College Network website,


Perkins Postsecondary Staff

Contact Person Title Phone Number Email Address
Keenan Wade State Administrative Manager 517-243-0161
Diane Kunkel Postsecondary Data Analyst 517-930-9105
Sheree Price Higher Education Consultant 517-927-4214
Judy Becker Departmental Analyst 517-526-5781
Nolan Lienhart Departmental Analyst 517-647-9441
Anita Scott Administrative Support 517-927-4356


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