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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Martin Luther King, Jr., César Chávez, Rosa Parks Initiative (KCP)

Established by the Michigan Legislature in 1986, the goal of the Martin Luther King, Jr. - César Chávez - Rosa Parks (KCP) Initiative is to increase the number of Michigan's academically- or economically-disadvantaged citizens who have the opportunity to complete college degrees and experience career success. There are seven unique KCP Programs designed to assist students along the academic pipeline from sixth grade through graduate study.

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Equity Within the Classroom Conference

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Equity Within the Classroom Conference is hosted annually as a collaborative effort between Michigan's KCP Initiative and the state's public and independent colleges and universities. The Equity Conference provides an annual forum for faculty, administration, staff, and postsecondary education supporters to review current research findings; annual retention outcome data; best practice strategies; and, specific KCP developed retention strategies positively impacting equality of opportunity and degree achievement of KCP targeted students.

The annual Equity Within the Classroom Conference site is provided by a host institution during Spring, generally March or April, each year. 


For more information, contact the State KCP Initiative Office by e-mail at