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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Skills of Blindness Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for January 19, 2000

MCB Training Center

Committee Members: Steve Handschu and Betty Lujan-Roberts, Co-Chairpersons, Cindy Caldwell, Mike Ellis, Charlene Edge-Gordon, David Greenwald, Karyn Hill, George Illingworth, Sue Illingworth, Larry King, Melody Lindsey, Faith Meadows, Janet McInnis, Pat Nadon, Betty Rush, Shig Toda, Tony VanStaveren, Michelle Visscher, Geer Wilcox and Fred Wurtzel

Committee Members Present: Betty Lujan-Roberts, Cindy Caldwell, Charlene Edge-Gordon, David Greenwald, Karyn Hill, Larry King, Melody Lindsey, Faith Meadows, Shig Toda, Tony VanStaveren, and Michelle Visscher


Meeting began at 10:03 a.m.

Agenda Items:

Item 1: Minutes from 10-19-99 meeting approved as submitted.

Item 2: Steve Handschu reports regarding members of committee who have not attended meetings, new members who may need to be appointed, etc.

Mr. Handschu was not available to attend this meeting. Information shared that Sue and George Illingworth, and Pat Nadan have resigned from this committee. No names of individuals submitted for addition to the committee.

Question raised regarding if there is a need to add members representing A.C.B. or N.F.B. since both organizations appear to be represented through current committee members.

Question raised regarding if we need clarification from Pat

Cannon concerning number of individuals desired on this committee. Limited discussion regarding concern that it becomes more difficult to arrive at a consensus of opinion in proportion to an increase in the size of the group.

Item 3: Continued discussion regarding content of and dates for training for supervisors.

Recommended that subcommittee members: Janet McInnis, Betty Lujan Roberts, Cindy Caldwell, Betty Rush and Charlene Edge Gordon, meet with Bob Utrup and Bob Robertson to further develop a "Supervisors Training Session" and, report to this committee at our next meeting.

Topics for training reported in the 10/19/99 minutes include:

(a) Review workplace accommodations within the agency. Provide supervisors with information on the various accommodations that are being used in the agency. Allow discussion on what has worked and what hasn’t worked. Discuss positive changes that need to be made; (b) Trends in the delivery of the skills of blindness: present rehabilitation teaching service models that are being used by other state agencies. Allow for discussion on the pros and cons of each model; (c) Presentation on the "significance of the skills of blindness on vocational placement".

Item 4: Input from the M.C.B. Director regarding changes recommended in minutes of 10-19-99.

Pat Cannon approved a change in the scoring, on the teaching staff portion of the MCBTC Survey to allow for tenths of a point.

Pat Cannon approved addition to each skill area of the MCBTC Survey to indicate training completed or not completed.

Item 5: Addition of item to consumer self-evaluation portion of MCBTC Survey regarding needs to determine consumers ability to accept blindness and to view themselves in a positive manner as a blind individual.

Subcommittee comprised of Melody Lindsey, Shig Toda, Faith Meadows, Michelle Visscher and Betty Lujan Roberts to seek input from John Gallagher and to present proposed item(s) to the committee at the next scheduled meeting.

Considerable discussion occurred, but unable to reach agreement on this item.

Item 6: How to remove barriers to good rehabilitation (topic recommended by Steve Handschu)

Item tabled in absence of Mr. Handschu.

Item 7: Methods to identify braille proficiency (topic recommended by Melody Lindsey)

Melody identified the following points:

Desire to develop a tool that will promote braille proficiency.

What is an acceptable level i.e. target. There was brief discussion on this item. We reviewed the target agreed to and reflected in minutes of 2/17/99, "Individuals who are blind are capable of reading and writing grade two braille at 50 words per minute, with no more than 5 errors". Melody agreed to research this item to determine if the above reflects an acceptable level for individuals participating in a Center based program.

How do we reach our target?

What systemic changes may be needed to accomplish a target goal?

e. What minimum level of braille proficiency is needed to insure an individual will continue to use braille?

Recommendations for consideration by Pat Cannon:

1: Request input from Pat Cannon if there is a specific number of members our committee needs to have.

Request Pat Cannon appoint a M.C.B. Counselor as a member of this committee. Committee currently has members who are teacher/counselors, but no one who is strictly a counselor. Recommend that the consumer pre-training, self-evaluation portion of MCBTC Survey be administered within one-week prior to arrival to the Center and that the post-training, self-evaluation portion be administered within one-week after returning home. Recommend a "follow up" survey of individuals six months after consumers conclude their Center program. This refers to the consumer portion, post training, of the MCBTC Survey. Recommend that an outside resource, knowledgeable in appropriate research procedures, be used to administer consumer self-evaluation portions of the MCBTC Survey. Recommend addition to Survey regarding "Personal Health Care": Personal Health Care

Entry Level ____

Exit Level ____

Skills level 0: Consumer chooses no training in area

Skill level 1: Little or no useful skill in area.

Skill level 2: Demonstrates some knowledge of personal healthcare needs; needs assistance monitoring personal daily healthcare conditions; needs assistance with administration of medications.

Skill level 3: Demonstrates adequate knowledge of personal healthcare needs; monitors personal daily healthcare conditions; self-administers medications with confirmation from an assistant.

Skill level 4: Demonstrates good knowledge of personal healthcare needs; independently monitors personal daily healthcare conditions; independently administers all medications.

Meeting adjourned at 2:12 p.m.

Next Meeting Scheduled: 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, April 19, 2000, Lansing

Minutes respectfully submitted by Larry King