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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Elected Operators Committee Meeting Minutes

Saturday, December 02, 2000

1. MOTION by Kristina Richard and Tom Carpenter to ask Gwen McNeal to come to the next Elected Operators Committee meeting (February 3rdake a presentation of summer youth employment for blind students served by MCB. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

2. MOTION by Tom Carpenter and Brian Seybert to discuss the level of independence and autonomy the Committee wishes to have as a solid base discussion for the upcoming retreat. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

3. MOTION by Bill Lozier and Brian Seybert that the cafeteria located at the McNamara Building in Detroit be removed from facility #77, McNamara Vending, and be added to facility #75, McNamara Store. The current operator of facility #75 will take over the cafeteria on a temporary basis, in that the operator will run the facility for up to one year and will bring facts and figures to the committee for further action. At that time an extension may be granted. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

4. Recommendation by Bill Lozier that a strongly written letter be written by the Committee'’ chair to the representatives of the Michigan Department of Transportation and Travel Michigan, to return Marquette Welcome center business to the Commission’s representative operator in Marquette. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

5. MOTION by Bill Lozier and Kristina Richard that materials for sanitation training shall be provided to operators in the format of their choice. MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


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