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Labor and Economic Opportunity

MRS Orientation & Application

  • The first step in applying for services is to attend a Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) orientation.

    The MRS orientation offers you an overview of the six steps to vocational rehabilitation:

    • Applying for Services
    • Determining Eligibility
    • Career Exploration and Developing a Plan
    • Following Your Plan
    • Finding a Job
    • Successfully Employed and Closing Your Case


    The MRS orientation also explains:

    • The employment purpose of the MRS program
    • Any employment outcome shall be competitive integrated employment which means full or part-time employment at minimum wage or higher in a community integrated setting,
    • MRS eligibility criteria
    • Services available through MRS and the statewide workforce development system
    • The availability of vocational rehabilitation services when MRS becomes the service provider for social security recipients eligible for the Ticket to Work program
    • The individualized nature of each applicant’s rehabilitation program
    • The requirement to use other sources of funds before MRS can pay for services
    • The fact the applicant shall be asked to contribute toward the cost of services in their rehabilitation program to the extent they are able
    • How the applicant will be involved in making “informed choices” regarding their rehabilitation program
    • MRS’ order of selection for services policy
    • The applicant’s rights and responsibilities as a customer of MRS
    • The availability of the Client Assistance Program and how it may assist an MRS customer.


    Before you begin viewing the MRS Online Orientation, you may wish to print the Six Steps to Vocational Rehabilitation Booklet MRS-Pub-307 and use it to follow along during the Orientation. This is also a good place to write down any comments, questions or concerns you may have while watching the Orientation. Your MRS rehabilitation counselor will answer your questions when you meet to discuss how MRS will determine your eligibility and what assistance may be available to you.

Get Started

  • After you have reviewed the Online Orientation, complete the Certificate of Completion and bring it to your first appointment.

    After you complete the orientation, you will be given an opportunity to complete an MRS Application.