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Labor and Economic Opportunity
  • Opportunities for Businesses

    Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) works with business to find and retain qualified workers with disabilities – helping employers save time and money by providing:

    • No cost recruiting.
    • Pre-screening job applicants based on your job requirements.
    • Job candidates with a variety of educational training such as college, vocational or technical training.
    • Job candidates who have completed state-of-the-art training, employer-based training programs from our Michigan Career and Technical Institute.
    • Internships, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training programs that pay businesses to provide valuable work experience while offering a chance for the employer to evaluate an applicant’s potential.
    • Post-hire consultation services.
    • Assistive technology and specialized equipment needed for job success.

    MRS also provides guidance regarding work-related and non-work related injuries.  Our business network experts help employers keep valued employees on the job through:

    • Disability adjustment counseling.
    • Medical case management.
    • Work risk analysis.
    • Disability awareness/education.

    MRS can help you maintain a workforce that is motivated, reliable and dependable.

    Meet with a job placement professional from one of our 35 offices located statewide and learn how we can help you meet and exceed your business needs and job requirements.

    Find an office near you.