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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Laboratory and Equipment Services Section

The Laboratory and Equipment Services Section provides a full array of analytical and field equipment services to our customers through two units, the Occupational Health Laboratory and the Instrument Calibration and Maintenance Unit.

The Occupational Health Laboratory (OHL) has maintained accreditation by the American Industrial Hygiene Association for analysis of industrial hygiene samples since 1978. The OHL provides validated sampling methods, sampling media, and analytical services to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other State of Michigan agencies including the departments of Environmental Quality, Community Health, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and State Police. Validated analyses include industrial hygiene samples, indoor air quality, and bulk and airborne asbestos samples. Please visit the following links for more information.
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The Instrument Calibration and Maintenance Unit (ICM) is a full service calibration laboratory providing maintenance, repairs, and NIST traceable calibrations for a wide variety of field equipment used by MIOSHA safety professionals. ICM also provides personal protective equipment (PPE) and specialty direct reading instrumentation used to quantify employee exposures to potentially hazardous environments. Please visit the following links for more information about ICM services.
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