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Comments from the Public Hearing for Ionizing Radiation Rules Governing the Use of Radiation Machines (Posted 11/18/2015)

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A public hearing on the proposed rules was held on September 17, 2015.  Verbal comments were received from five attendees.  Written comments were received prior to and during the public hearing.  A summary of the comments are now posted on our website on the Public Hearing for Proposed New Rules page.

The next steps in the rules promulgation process are:

  • The department creates a second draft of the rules based on comments received and submits this draft to the Office of Regulatory Reinvention (ORR).
  • ORR submits the draft to the Legislative Service Bureau (LSB) who has 21 days to certify the rules for form, classification and arrangement.
  • LSB submits the rules to the Joint Committee on Administration Rules (JCAR) along with a report which summarizes changes made after the public hearing. JCAR has 15 legislative sessions days to meet and object.
  • ORR then files the rules with the Office of the Great Seal after 15 JCAR sessions days expire. The rules become effective immediately upon filing with the Great Seal.