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Information on Pending Mammography Rules on RSS Website (Posted 4/8/2013)

Revisions to Part 14 - Mammography are pending approval by the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules of the Michigan legislature. At this point we expect them to be approved towards the end of this month.

In anticipation of approval of these rules, the Radiation Safety Section has posted some information about the pending rules to our website. From the home page (, look under the heading "Mammography". The link "Pending Mammography Rules Revisions" [Note: this has been removed.] addresses some of the major changes of the revisions. Another link is called "Pending Mammography Rules - Compliance Advice". We are still working on the compliance advice area and it will continue to be updated as questions and issues come up. When the rules become effective, both links will be renamed to remove the "pending" from the titles.

As soon as we learn that the rules have been filed with the Great Seal, we will notify you via this listserv.