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Labor and Economic Opportunity

MTI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MTI Classes

1. What’s a MTI class?
This is a course with occupational safety, health and/or construction content offered by MIOSHA under the MIOSHA Training Institute (MTI) banner.  MTI classes have a consistent defined course length, instructional format, resources, activities and objectives, and assessment.

2. What if an attendee has to leave before the class is done?  Can he/she still receive a certificate of attendance?
No. A certificate of attendance and CEU's are awarded to those who attend the entire course. 

3. Is a waiver available for the MIOSHA Construction 10-Hour class for individuals that hold a Federal OSHA 10 or OSHA 30-Hour Card?
If an individual is working to obtain their MTI Level One Certificate in Construction and they have already obtained their OSHA 10 or 30-Hour card, (must be within the past three years), the MIOSHA Construction 10-Hour can be waived.  Please visit MIOSHA’s website at: to download the application and for further instructions.

4.  Are social security numbers required on all MTI registration forms? 
All attendees must provide a full social security number if they desire online access to view their transcripts, using MCC’s WebAdvisor.  However, they do not need to provide it again, if they have already provided their full social security number on a previous MTI registration form. For assistance, please contact Steve Stopin at Macomb Community College: 586-498-4106 or email:


5.  Can an attendee take one or two classes from a boot camp in order to finish a Level 1 or Level 2 certification program?
No, we do not currently offer attendees the ability to “pick and choose” a course in a boot camp.  The boot camps are designed for people who are committed to taking several classes in a compressed timeframe to earn their certificates. 

6.  Are make-ups available if an attendee misses a class from boot camp?
No make-ups or refunds are available.  If an attendee misses one or more days of the course for which they wish to receive credit, they are required to take and pay for the same course at a different time and location.

7.  Can all of the MTI classes attended during boot camp be listed on one certificate? 
No, MIOSHA issues a certificate for each class because individual certificates provide information that the attendee may need for other purposes (i.e. CEU information for other certification requirements, employment).  Also, an individual certificate shows attendance for each class the attendee attended during boot camp.


8. When is a Level One or Level Two certificate awarded?
A Level One or Level Two certification will be awarded when an attendee completes the minimum number of classes within a three-year time frame and successfully demonstrates knowledge of the course topic.  See MIOSHA/CET #0160.

9. How do attendees demonstrate competency?
Testing is crucial for the demonstration of competencies.  A post training test score of 70% or higher is required to pass a MTI class.  MTI instructors will collect all answer sheets, score them, review the test, and provide results to any attendee who wants them at the end of the class.  All answer sheets will be maintained by MCC.

10. Can attendees start getting Level Two certification before they finish their Level One certification?
Yes, classes can be taken in any order. The only rules are that an attendee has to obtain a Level One certificate before obtaining a Level Two certificate and they have 3 years from the first class in Level One to complete the requirements for the Level One certificate.


11. What kind of MTI promotion is conducted?
Marketing efforts on behalf of the MTI classes are coordinated through the MIOSHA website and seminar brochures.  The official MTI logo appears on the website, the brochures, and all MTI class materials.  In addition, MTI classes are listed on the MIOSHA MTI webpage and the MCC MTI webpage.   The MIOSHA News includes a regular section about the MTI.  Co-sponsors of MTI classes are encouraged to market and promote MTI classes.


12. What are the co-sponsor responsibilities for MTI classes?
All MTI classes use standardized daily sign-in sheets, registration forms, evaluation forms, and certificates of attendance.  The co-sponsors are responsible for returning completed forms to MCC and generating certificates.  See the checklist and instructions for MTI forms that are contained within the co-sponsor kit.

13.  What is the purpose of the HO-26 Form?
In collaboration with the MTI instructor, the co-sponsor completes a seminar contract called the HO-26 form for each class that will be taught at their facility. The HO-26 form contains detailed information about each class, including registration details, contact information, class schedule, cost, and location.

14. What are the co-sponsor responsibilities for food service for MTI classes?
The co-sponsor’s responsibilities are listed in the Cosponsor List of Responsibilities.  They are also contained within the HO-26 form.  The co-sponsor provides refreshments for half-day classes, and refreshments and lunch for full-day classes. Refreshments must include sufficient quantities of beverages (i.e. water, coffee), rolls and/or donuts and fruit during the time a class is being taught for all of the attendees and instructor(s). Warm lunches are preferred for full and multiple day courses during the late fall and winter months.  During the summer and spring months, pizza and sandwich lunches may be provided as long as they are served on alternating days for multiple day classes. 

15.  What are the co-sponsor responsibilities for providing a site for the MTI classes?
The co-sponsor is responsible for providing a barrier free and accessible site for MTI classes.  The classroom should also be a comfortable environment that is free of distractions not related to the class.  Prior to the time of the class being taught, the instructor must have entry into the classroom, adequate lighting and access to a computer, DVD, screen, and any other agreed-upon items necessary for the class.  See the Cosponsor List of Responsibilities for more details.

16.  What if a class needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather?
Co-sponsors must provide a 24 hour telephone number for the MTI instructor to call should the instructor need to cancel a class due to inclement weather.  The co-sponsor must also immediately contact the students to inform them of the cancellation as soon as they are aware of the class being cancelled.