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Family Activity Night with AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps Literacy

The Family Literacy Program at the Literacy Center of West Michigan  recently put on a Family Activity Nights together with the LOOP program at one of the elementary school host sites. The classes at Sibley Elementary, along with instructor Christine, LOOP and Literacy Center staff as well as Literacy Center volunteers helped to put on the event to promote language sharing and building among families. They welcomed over 10 families and more than 60 people to share a meal together and participate in a literacy based activity designed to promote community building between not only the families, but everyone in attendance. The activity is also something that families can take home and easily replicate. It was a huge success for both programs.

The activity for this collaboration was a kinesthetic learning activity that involved families making their own playdough and playing a matching/guessing game using the playdough called Sculptorades.

“It was really cool to see all the families (children and adults) so engaged and genuinely excited to play with playdough,” said AmeriCorps member Claira Freeman “A lot of families went above and beyond the game to make some pretty elaborate creations.”