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About Michigan's AmeriCorps LeaderCorps

Mission Statement

The mission of the Michigan's AmeriCorps LeaderCorps is to strengthen the national service movement and promote awareness of AmeriCorps in Michigan through effective outreach, regional collaboration, and member engagement.

LeaderCorps Description

Since 1999, the Michigan's AmeriCorps LeaderCorps (formerly known as the Michigan's AmeriCorps Member Council) has been bringing together members from programs throughout the state. LeaderCorps members help spread the word about the great things AmeriCorps is doing in our communities and serve as the collective member voice. LeaderCorps' existence is a direct result of interest and input from members around the state. It consists of AmeriCorps members from each of Michigan's AmeriCorps State programs and at least one AmeriCorps National member, AmeriCorps VISTA member/leader, or AmeriCorps Alum.

The Michigan's AmeriCorps LeaderCorps provides a statewide network in which Michigan's AmeriCorps members share ideas, experiences, and a spirit of service while taking a leadership position in their AmeriCorps program. Each LeaderCorps representative plays a significant role in making AmeriCorps a household name by giving at least two AmeriCorps outreach presentations, organizing at least one local service project around AmeriCorps Week or national days of service, and assisting with the coordination of the Regional Russ Mawby Signature Service Project in their region. Representatives also have the chance to network with one another, build a forum for Corps member exchange, and develop relationships with other programs throughout the state.

Each AmeriCorps State program has the opportunity to select one member to serve as their representative on LeaderCorps. Skills to look for include: the ability to lead and represent others in a fair way, effective communication skills, and someone who participates well in group discussion. Although participation in LeaderCorps does not require a significant amount of extra time, each representative must make the commitment to be present at each conference call and meeting. 

For more information about the Michigan's AmeriCorps LeaderCorps, please contact Megan Foresman at