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Michigan's AmeriCorps Site Supervisor of the Month

Jessica Warfield

Jessica Warfield is a Disaster Program Manager at the American Red Cross and serves as the AmeriCorps Site Supervisor for the Together We Prepare AmeriCorps members in Ann Arbor and Detroit. In her role, Jessica oversees all disaster preparedness, response, and recovery in Southeast Michigan. Jessica routinely handles a high volume of cases including home fires, floods, and tornadoes. She is also responsible for managing volunteers, staff, and AmeriCorps members.

The Together We Prepare AmeriCorps program utilizes AmeriCorps members to improve the capacity of communities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters in locations across Michigan. The members provide education presentations to the community, provide free smoke alarms to residents, and assist on-scene during emergencies both locally and nationally.

Throughout her time as a Site Supervisor, Jessica has been able to balance the immense workload of her role as well as supporting the AmeriCorps program. She’s committed to the professional development of her members through active, hands-on training. Jessica teaches them to be their own advocate in the workplace and encourages her members to step out of their comfort zones to try new things like deploying to a national disaster. During Covid-19 while her members are serving remotely, Jessica has increased her communication with members, increased training requirements, and encouraged members to hold one another accountable.

Eilis Gambill, the Program Director of the AmeriCorps program, has received many positive reviews about Jessica as a Site Supervisor. “Jessica makes sure her team is getting the most out of their member experience,” Eilis notes. “Members expressed the benefits of her candor in the one-on-one weekly meetings and her coaching for future career in humanitarian aid. They appreciate knowing what is required of them and having a clear understanding of what her expectations for service mean.”

“While some Site Supervisors have struggled with finding daily service activities, Jessica has been creative in finding ways for the members to respond to emergencies and provide relief to victims of disasters during this unprecedented time. She has done all of this with three of her four full-time staff positions unfilled,” Eilis remarked. “Jessica’s passion for service to the community, the organization, and the AmeriCorps program is undeniable. I am grateful to have her as a Site Supervisor for the TWP program.”

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